Lucky Day Studio's goal is meet your needs as efficiently as possible. We offer work for outright purchase, licensing, and on spec. We love to do trend consulting as well. Please contact us today to discuss how we may help meet your design needs.


Lucky Day Studio has a  number of artists available for work.

We currently have product in many major retailers. Our licensed art has been sold in such stores as Target, Walmart, JCPenny and Container Store, to name a few. Our designs are also found in smaller retailers and boutiques throughout the U.S.

Outright Purchase

Lucky Day is committed to producing artwork that is budget friendly and highly usable to for our manufacturers and distributors.  We continually build our portfolio with work that is focused on  major seasonal needs, follows new market trends and is available for immediate purchase.

Spec Work

Lucky Day artists are available to help with custom and commissioned design projects. With a variety of styles, there's a little something for everyone or every occasion. We are experts in patterns, repeats, characters, scrap-booking, card and bag design, sectional planning, and will tackle just about anything you throw our way.

Contact us today to set up a time to discuss how Lucky Day can help with your next custom project!

Trend Consulting

Lucky Day strives to be on top of what is happening in the market which allows us accurately predict what art styles, colors, and prints will be present in upcoming seasons.

By being aware of market trends, we can offer designs that feel fresh and new a year or two from now.

Ask us how we can help with your trend boards or presentation.